is dedicated to facilitating the "Blues of Today" online. We think the Blues is the source of what is most original in American music & remains pretty much what it is America has to say.

Our purpose is to assist musicians with the online presentation of their
band and music. We can provide or help with page design, web hosting,
& online audio aiming to market your sound & support your fan base.
Like "Roadies" we prefer free tools, easy setup & quick maintanence.
When possible, after tinkering with freeware, we document & link our
results to this page as a resoure for others. Some ongoing projects include
swf audio players, php calendars, & band database applications.
The "world wide web" is just another free concert: A little trouble
for what it's worth. Let's do it! Send us an E-Mail if we can help.
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SWF Audio Players
These pages document our experiments with framsets, dhtml menu programs & javascript.
One of our goals is to help musicians stream their music with good fidelity via the commonplace 56k dial up modem. This goal involves emulating a stand alone Player for the new Shock Wave Flash technology, SWF. A player which streams music files converted to the SWF format allow dial up connections to stream audio at a much higher fidelity ( 56kbps ) than do other systems which stream music files in the MP3 format ( 24 to 32 kbps)

We use a versatile Frameset combined with a DHTML menu program from Twinhelix Designs to stream a large selection of clips from multiple artists. We use a more compact framset displayed in an iframe to build a player for single artists.

If you're interested in streaming a higher fidelity sound through 56k modems, our 'Player Pages' should be of interest.

PHP Calendars
 PHP scripting coupled with MySQL can make updating you band calendar a lot easier. You can make changes online using a PHP interface so that you don't need to upload a new HTML page through FTP and you can update your calendar anywhere through any ISP.

We have customized a free/donationware php "calendar management system" from called showlister to produce a variety of calendar designs each with handy customized interfaces for editing or updating via PHP.

We have designed PHP packages for our: simple 3 column calendars, 2 row calendars, compact iframe calendars & an iframe to display a single upcoming date.

Contact us for help with PHP calendar design & scripting.
These pages demonstrate some example calendars & implementations of showlister's PHP script.
Bandman DBase
Bluesdejour's Band Manager database is a bare bones application for muscians who manage their band's finances.
Designed with freeware Open Office 2, it tracks Show dates, Cash distributions & CD sales activities.             size: approx 220k

Requirements: OpenOffice 2 :: Sun java j2re1.4 :: msWindows??

Works with dispatch on Pentium III & likes to own about 50MB of RAM

If you act as your band's manager and want a fairly simple database App, or You already have OpenOffice2 Base installed & want to look over a compact db design: Our 'Bandman' pages should be of interest.

Contact us with suggestions for this project.
Freeware OpenOffice has added a database application called 'base' comparable to MS Access.

Freeware MWSnap was used to produce the screen shots on our demo pages.
DHTML / JavaScript Menu
     by TwinHelix Designs
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